Download Laundry Bay app on your phone from Google Play Store.
Check for availability of power and water supply prior to starting a washing machine.
Kindly keep the machine lid closed at all times except when putting and removing clothes from the washing machine.
Do not put more than 10-12 average sized clothes for washing in the machine. Refrain from over loading, otherwise your quality of wash will get deteriorated.
Check the pockets of your clothes and empty them before putting them in the washing machine.
Colored clothes should be washed separately.
Please follow ‘How it works?’ to efficiently use the washing machine.
Please Note – Once you press the START button in the Laundry Bay app, the washing machine will get powered ON for 70 min., as displayed by the app timer. The actual washing time is much less than 70 min., which is displayed by the timer on the washing machine panel.
For any queries/complaints/feedback, call on 9644035102 / 9109271234.


Ans. It simply means that either your machine is busy or water/power is not available.

Ans. Don’t worry. The machine will automatically resume the wash cycle when power supply is restored.

Ans. In such a case, your deducted wash cycle will be refunded. Feel free to contact us.

Ans. Firstly, do not overload the machine. It may deteriorate the quality of wash and may damage your clothes or the wash cycle may not begin at all.

Ans. The washing machine will start buzzing and you will receive a notification on your phone about the same at the end of your designated wash cycle.