About Us


About US

Laundry Bay, the newest concept of laundry in India. Now students can save their time and money by doing laundry inside their hostel itself. Almost all of us have experienced the hostel life during our college Days. Dirty and messy clothes are a big trouble for hostel students. So, we came up with this concept of providing automated washing machines in your hostel itself. Now you can clean your laundry at your desired time and ease.

We love our favorite clothes and it hurts to see them getting spoiled by the harsh washing and harsh detergents used by outside laundries or dhobis. In LaundryBay, you can choose your own detergent according to your clothes. So, your clothes remain as good as new and it is extremely affordable. What makes us unique? we provide a self – serviced laundry at your hostel by using latest and high-quality automated washing machines which can be operated by your smartphone. Since the price of washing is very cheap and affordable, students can do their Laundry on a daily basis. .

The inception of this company is done by two doctors who found this laundry problem during 8 years of their hostel life. Finally, LaundryBay has solved this problem for all of the youth. Since we are a new and a growing startup, we are open to your ideas | complaints | feedback. Kindly feel free to contact us at your ease. Looking forward for your cooperation and support .